Evolving to Type Ia Supernovae with Short Delay Times


The single-degenerate model is currently a favourable progenitor model for Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia). Recent investigations on the WD + He star channel of the single-degenerate model imply that this channel is noteworthy for producing SNe Ia. In this paper we studied SN Ia birthrates and delay times of this channel via a detailed binary population synthesis approach. We found that the Galactic SN Ia birthrate from the WD + He star channel is ∼ 0.3 × 10 yr according to our standard model, and that this channel can explain SNe Ia with short delay times (∼ 4.5× 10 − 1.4× 10 yr). Meanwhile, these WD + He star systems may be related to the young supersoft X-ray sources prior to SN Ia explosions. Subject headings: binaries: close — stars: evolution — supernovae: general — white dwarfs

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