Evolving artificial neural networks using an improved PSO and DPSO


This paper presents an improved particle swarm optimization (PSO) and discrete PSO (DPSO) with an enhancement operation by using a self-adaptive evolution strategies (ES). This improved PSO/DPSO is proposed for joint optimization of three-layer feedforward artificial neural network (ANN) structure and parameters (weights and bias), which is named ESPNet. The experimental results on two real-world problems show that ESPNet can produce compact ANNs with good generalization ability.

DOI: 10.1016/j.neucom.2007.10.013

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@article{Yu2008EvolvingAN, title={Evolving artificial neural networks using an improved PSO and DPSO}, author={Jianbo Yu and Shijin Wang and Lifeng Xi}, journal={Neurocomputing}, year={2008}, volume={71}, pages={1054-1060} }