Evolvable Hardware

  title={Evolvable Hardware},
  author={Luk{\'a}s Sekanina},
  booktitle={Handbook of Natural Computing},
  • L. Sekanina
  • Published in Handbook of Natural Computing 2012
  • Computer Science
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How to evolve complex combinational circuits from scratch?
It is shown in the paper that the BDD-based evaluation procedure can be performed much faster than evaluating all possible assignments to the inputs and significantly increases the success rate of the evolutionary design process.
On the scalability of evolvable hardware architectures: comparison of systolic array and Cartesian genetic programming
Two different topologies—systolic array (SA) and Cartesian genetic programming (CGP)—are scaled from small to large sizes and analyzed, comparing their behavior and efficiency at different sizes, showing that SA is considerably more resource-efficient than CGP.
Approximate circuit design by means of evolvable hardware
A CGP-based automated design method is proposed which enables to find a good trade off between key circuit parameters (functionality, area and power consumption) and in particular, the digital approximate circuits consisting of elementary gates are addressed.
Hardware Evolution Platform Reasearch Based on Matrix Coding CGP
The hardware online evolution platform is designed for evolution digital circuit based on Field Programmer Gate Array and can monitor the status of the designed circuit in real time, and it is easily to evolve a digital circuit for practical products directly.
Evolutionary Design of Approximate Circuits
This paper has surveyed recent approaches for design of approximate circuits using Evolvable Hardware and proposed spatially varying mutation and cross over rates as possible remedy and discussed its superiority on uniform mutation and crossover rate for digital circuits.
Image filter evolution on the Xilinx Zynq Platform
  • R. Dobai, L. Sekanina
  • Computer Science
    2013 NASA/ESA Conference on Adaptive Hardware and Systems (AHS-2013)
  • 2013
In this paper, evolvable hardware implementations are considered on this new Zynq platform and the investigated implementations include virtual reconfigurable circuits and the use of dynamic partial reconfiguration.
Evolutionary hardware design
Fundamental concepts of evolutionary hardware design are surveyed and relevant search algorithms such as Cartesian genetic programming (CGP) are introduced, presented as accelerators for evolutionary circuit design and circuit adaptation.
Evolutionary digital circuit design with fast candidate solution establishment in field programmable gate arrays
The experimental results confirm that the reduced number of configuration frames and mutations at lower level of granularity ensure faster evolution, generation of more candidate solutions in a given time as well as solutions with better quality.
Evolutionary design of approximate multipliers under different error metrics
  • Z. Vasícek, L. Sekanina
  • Computer Science
    17th International Symposium on Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits & Systems
  • 2014
The proposed method begins with a fully functional circuit which is then intentionally degraded by Cartesian genetic programming to obtain a circuit with a predefined error to design approximate circuits using evolutionary design techniques.
Evolvable Hardware