Evolutionary relationships in the showy mistletoe family (Loranthaceae).

  title={Evolutionary relationships in the showy mistletoe family (Loranthaceae).},
  author={R Vidal-Russell and D L Nickrent},
  journal={American journal of botany},
  volume={95 8},
Loranthaceae (73 genera and ca. 900 species) comprise mostly aerial hemiparasitic plants. Three monotypic genera considered relicts are root parasites. The family is diverse in tropical areas, but representatives are also found in temperate habitats. Previous classifications were based on floral and inflorescence morphology, karyological information, and biogeography. The family has been divided into three tribes: Nuytsiae, Elytrantheae (subtribes Elytranthinae and Gaiadendrinae), and… CONTINUE READING
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