Evolutionary relatedness of viper and primate endogenous retroviruses.

  title={Evolutionary relatedness of viper and primate endogenous retroviruses.},
  author={Philip R. Andersen and Mariano Barbacid and Steven R. Tronick and Hilary F. Clark and Stuart A. Aaronson},
  volume={204 4390},
A retrovirus previously isolated from a tumored Russell's viper is shown by molecular hybridization to be an endogenous virus of this reptilian species. Radio-immunologic techniques revealed that the viper retrovirus is immunologically and, hence, evolutionarily related to endogenous type D retorviruses of Old World primates. These findings extend the number of vertebrate classes possessing endogenous retroviruses and suggest that type D retroviruses may even be more widely distributed in… CONTINUE READING

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