Evolutionary-new centromeres preferentially emerge within gene deserts

  title={Evolutionary-new centromeres preferentially emerge within gene deserts},
  author={Mariana Lomiento and Zhaoshi Jiang and P. D'Addabbo and Evan E. Eichler and Mariano Rocchi},
  journal={Genome Biology},
  pages={R173 - R173}
Evolutionary-new centromeres (ENCs) result from the seeding of a centromere at an ectopic location along the chromosome during evolution. The novel centromere rapidly acquires the complex structure typical of eukaryote centromeres. This phenomenon has played an important role in shaping primate karyotypes. A recent study on the evolutionary-new centromere of macaque chromosome 4 (human 6) showed that the evolutionary-new centromere domain was deeply restructured, following the seeding, with… CONTINUE READING