Evolutionary implications of a magnetar interpretation for GLEAM-X J162759.5-523504.3

  title={Evolutionary implications of a magnetar interpretation for GLEAM-X J162759.5-523504.3},
  author={Arthur George Suvorov and Andrew Melatos},
The radio pulsar GLEAM-X J162759.5–523504.3 has an extremely long spin period ( P = 1091 . 17 s), and yet seemingly continues to spin down rapidly ( ˙ P < 1 . 2 × 10 − 9 ss − 1 ). The magnetic field strength that is implied, if the source is a neutron star undergoing magnetic dipole braking, could exceed 10 16 G. This object may therefore be the most magnetised neutron star observed to date. In this paper, a critical analysis of a magnetar interpretation for the source is provided. (i) A minimum… 

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