Evolutionary dynamics of host-plant use in a genus of leaf-mining moths.

  title={Evolutionary dynamics of host-plant use in a genus of leaf-mining moths.},
  author={Carlos Lopez-Vaamonde and H Charles J Godfray and James M Cook},
  journal={Evolution; international journal of organic evolution},
  volume={57 8},
We used nuclear 28S rDNA sequence data to estimate the phylogeny of 77 leaf-mining Phyllonorycter (Gracillariidae) moth species, including all 55 British species, feeding on 44 different plant genera. There was strong support for both the monophyly of Phyllonorycter and the placement of the genus Cameraria as its sister group. Host-plant use was mapped onto the moth phylogeny and investigated statistically in several ways. First, we show that the estimated level of cospeciation between leaf… CONTINUE READING

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