Evolutionary breakpoints on human chromosome 21.

  title={Evolutionary breakpoints on human chromosome 21.},
  author={Muriel T. Davisson and L. J. Bechtel and E. C. Akeson and Andrew Fortna and Dobromir B. Slavov and Katheleen Gardiner},
  volume={78 1-2},
Segments of the long arm of human chromosome 21 are conserved, centromere to telomere, in mouse chromosomes 16, 17, and 10. There have been 28 genes identified in human chromosome 21 between TMPRSS2, whose orthologue is the most distal gene mapped to mouse chromosome 16, and PDXK, whose orthologue is the most proximal gene mapped to mouse chromosome 10. Only 6 of these 28 genes have been mapped in mouse, and all are located on chromosome 17. To better define the chromosome 17 segment and the 16… CONTINUE READING


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