Evolutionary Theologies and Divine Action1

  title={Evolutionary Theologies and Divine Action1},
  author={Thomas F. Tracy},
  journal={Theology and Science},
  pages={107 - 116}
  • T. Tracy
  • Published 1 February 2008
  • Philosophy
  • Theology and Science
Abstract Two challenges loom large for efforts to develop a theology of evolution. The first is the problem of purpose: can evolutionary processes, in which chance plays so prominent a role, be understood as the context of God's purposive action? The second is the problem of the pervasiveness of suffering and death in evolution. To the extent that we succeed in responding to the first difficulty by giving an account of how God's purposes are enacted in the history of life, we deepen the… 
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I make this argument at greater length in ''The Lawfulness of Nature and the Problem of Evil,'' in Physics and Cosmology: Scientific Perspectives on the Problem of Natural Evil

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    The theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg is in play here, though Peters and Hewlett do not explicitly appeal to his way of developing this language

      For a nicely developed version of a view of this sort, see Eleonore Stump and Norman Kretzmann

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