Evolutionary History of the Hymenoptera

  title={Evolutionary History of the Hymenoptera},
  author={Ralph S. Peters and Lars Krogmann and Christoph Mayer and Alexander Donath and Simon Gunkel and Karen Meusemann and Alexey Kozlov and Lars Podsiadlowski and Malte Petersen and Robert Lanfear and Patricia A. Diez and John Heraty and Karl M Kjer and Seraina Klopfstein and Rudolf Meier and Carlo Polidori and Thomas Schmitt and Shanlin Liu and Xin Zhou and Torsten Wappler and Jes Rust and Bernhard Misof and Oliver Niehuis},
  journal={Current Biology},
Hymenoptera (sawflies, wasps, ants, and bees) are one of four mega-diverse insect orders, comprising more than 153,000 described and possibly up to one million undescribed extant species [1, 2]. As parasitoids, predators, and pollinators, Hymenoptera play a fundamental role in virtually all terrestrial ecosystems and are of substantial economic importance [1, 3]. To understand the diversification and key evolutionary transitions of Hymenoptera, most notably from phytophagy to parasitoidism and… CONTINUE READING

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