Evolutionary-Computation Based Risk Assessment of Aircraft Landing Sequencing Algorithms

  title={Evolutionary-Computation Based Risk Assessment of Aircraft Landing Sequencing Algorithms},
  author={Wenjing Zhao and Jiangjun Tang and Sameer Alam and Axel Bender and Hussein A. Abbass},
Usually, Evolutionary Computation (EC) is used for optimisation and machine learning tasks. Recently, a novel use of EC has been proposed – Multiobjective Evolutionary Based Risk Assessment (MEBRA). MEBRA characterises the problem space associated with good and inferior performance of computational algorithms. Problem instances are represented (“scenario Representation”) and evolved (“scenario Generation”) in order to evaluate algorithms (“scenario Evaluation”). The objective functions aim at… 
Behavioral learning of aircraft landing sequencing using a society of Probabilistic Finite state Machines
The hypothesis that one can learn from the sequence adopted by the controller some strategies that can act as heuristics in decision support tools for aircraft sequencing is tested by attempting to learn sequences generated from a well-known sequencing method that is being used in the real world.
An Evolutionary Optimization Approach to Maximize Runway Throughput Capacity for Hub and Spoke Airports
An evolutionary optimization approach to maximize the runway throughput capacity for integrated arrival and departure in a single runway scenario is proposed and proposed model obtained optimal sequence that takes lower processing time as well as achieves a higher throughput comparing to First Come First Serve FCFS approach commonly used for arriving and departing aircraft.
Multiple parts process planning in serial–parallel flexible flow lines: part II—solution method based on genetic algorithms with fixed- and variable-length chromosomes
The results indicate that the VLC algorithm is effective in solving MPPP problems that consider multiple aspects in the search for optimal process planning solutions.
Computational Red Teaming: Past, Present and Future
CRT is presented as the state-of-the-art architecture representing the integration of CI techniques and MAS for understanding competition and will demonstrate how this integration of MAS and CI benefits practitioners in almost all major application domains by drawing examples from defense, business and engineering.


Scheduling Aircraft Landings under Constrained Position Shifting
Optimal scheduling of airport runway operations can play an important role in improving the safety and efficiency of the National Airspace System (NAS). Methods that compute the optimal landing
UNITED STATES and EUROPEAN Airport Capacity Assessment using the GMU Macroscopic Capacity Model (MCM)
This paper uses the George Mason University Macroscopic Capacity Model (MCM) to compare capacity factors between United States and European Air Transportation Systems. To limit the complexity of
The air traffic control subsystem that performs scheduling is discussed. The function of the scheduling algorithms is to plan automatically the most efficient landing order and to assign optimally
Analysis of delay reducing and fuel saving sequencing and spacing algorithms for arrival traffic
This report supersedes NASA TM-102795 and includes a new method of time-advance as well as an efficient method of sequencing and spacing for two dependent runways.
Scheduling: Theory, Algorithms, and Systems
Scheduling will serve as an essential reference for professionals working on scheduling problems in manufacturing and computing environments and Graduate students in operations management, operations research, industrial engineering and computer science will find the book to be an accessible and invaluable resource.
The dynamic scheduling of aircraft in the near terminal area
Mebra: multiobjective evolutionary-based risk assessment
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