Evolutionary Chaos Controller Synthesis for Stabilizing Chaotic Hénon Maps


This paper deals with synthesizing control laws by means of analytic programming (AP) for the Hénon map, which is a discrete chaotic system. The tool for symbolic regression is used for stabilizing the stable state and higher periodic orbits, which represent oscillations between several values of a chaotic system. For experimentation, the self-organizing migrating algorithm (SOMA) is used with AP and differential evolution (DE) is used as the second algorithm for meta-evolution.

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@article{Senkerik2012EvolutionaryCC, title={Evolutionary Chaos Controller Synthesis for Stabilizing Chaotic H{\'e}non Maps}, author={Roman Senkerik and Zuzana Kom{\'i}nkov{\'a} Oplatkov{\'a} and Ivan Zelinka and Donald Davendra}, journal={Complex Systems}, year={2012}, volume={20} }