Evolution of transthyretin in marsupials.

  title={Evolution of transthyretin in marsupials.},
  author={Weiming Duan and Samantha J. Richardson and Jeffrey J Babon and R J Heyes and Bridget R. Southwell and Paul J. Harms and Richard E. H. Wettenhall and Katarzyna Magdalena Dziegielewska and Lynne Selwood and Adrian J. Bradley},
  journal={European journal of biochemistry},
  volume={227 1-2},
The evolution of the expression and the structure of the gene for transthyretin, a thyroxine-binding plasma protein formerly called prealbumin, was studied in three marsupial species: the South American polyprotodont Monodelphis domestica, the Australian polyprotodont Sminthopsis macroura and the Australian diprotodont Petaurus breviceps. The transthyretin gene was found to be expressed in the choroid plexus of all three species. In liver it was expressed in P. breviceps and in M. domestica… CONTINUE READING