Evolution of the relaxin-like peptide family

  title={Evolution of the relaxin-like peptide family},
  author={Tracey N Wilkinson and Terence P. Speed and Geoffrey W. Tregear and Ross A D Bathgate},
  journal={BMC Evolutionary Biology},
  pages={14 - 14}
The relaxin-like peptide family belongs in the insulin superfamily and consists of 7 peptides of high structural but low sequence similarity; relaxin-1, 2 and 3, and the insulin-like (INSL) peptides, INSL3, INSL4, INSL5 and INSL6. The functions of relaxin-3, INSL4, INSL5, INSL6 remain uncharacterised. The evolution of this family has been contentious; high sequence variability is seen between closely related species, while distantly related species show high similarity; an invertebrate relaxin… CONTINUE READING
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