Evolution of the mitochondrial genetic system: an overview.

  title={Evolution of the mitochondrial genetic system: an overview.},
  author={Cecilia Saccone and Carmela Gissi and Cecilia Lanave and Alessandra Larizza and Graziano Pesole and Aurelio Reyes},
  volume={261 1},
Mitochondria, semi-autonomous organelles possessing their own genetic system, are commonly accepted to descend from free-living eubacteria, namely hydrogen-producing alpha-proteobacteria. The progressive loss of genes from the primitive eubacterium to the nucleus of the eukaryotic cell is strongly justified by the Muller rachet principle, which postulates that asexual genomes, like mitochondrial ones, accumulate deleterious and sublethal mutations faster than sexual genomes, like the nucleus… CONTINUE READING