Evolution of the insects

  title={Evolution of the insects},
  author={D. Grimaldi and M. S. Engel},
Section 1. Diversity and Evolution: Introduction Species: their nature and number How many species of insects? Reconstructing evolutionary history Section 2. Fossil Insects: Insect fossilization Dating and ages Major fossil Insect deposits Section 3. Arthropods and the Origin of Insects: Onychophora: the velvet-worms Tardigrada: the water-bears Arthropoda: the jointed animals Hexapoda: the six-legged arthropods Section 4. The insects: Morphology of insects Relationships among the insect orders… Expand
Evolutionary History of the Hymenoptera
The evolution of the female postabdomen and genitalia in mecopterid insects (Insecta: Mecopterida)
Host-plants shape insect diversity: phylogeny, origin, and species diversity of native Hawaiian leafhoppers (Cicadellidae: Nesophrosyne).
Extreme convergence in stick insect evolution: phylogenetic placement of the Lord Howe Island tree lobster
Fossil evidence for the early ant evolution