Evolution of the Kondo state of YbRh2Si2 probed by high-field ESR.

  title={Evolution of the Kondo state of YbRh2Si2 probed by high-field ESR.},
  author={U. Schaufu{\ss} and Vladislav Kataev and Andrei A Zvyagin and Bernd B{\"u}chner and J{\"o}rg Sichelschmidt and Jan Wykhoff and Cornelius Krellner and Christoph Geibel and Frank Steglich},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={102 7},
An electron spin resonance (ESR) study of the heavy fermion compound YbRh2Si2 for fields up to approximately 8 T reveals a strongly anisotropic signal in the Kondo state below approximately 25 K. A similarity between the T dependence of the ESR parameters and that of the specific heat and the 29Si nuclear magnetic resonance data gives evidence that the ESR response is given by heavy fermions. Tuning the Kondo effect on the 4f states with magnetic fields approximately 2-8 T and temperature 2-25… Expand
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A 29Si NMR study on aligned single crystals of YbRh2Si2 which shows behavior characteristic of a quantum critical point (QCP: T(N)-->0) strongly suggests the development of antiferromagnetic fluctuations with finite q vectors that compete with q=0 spin fluctuations in the vicinity of the QCP near H=0.5 kOe. Expand
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