Evolution of separate predation- and defence-evoked venoms in carnivorous cone snails

  title={Evolution of separate predation- and defence-evoked venoms in carnivorous cone snails},
  author={S. Dutertre and A. Jin and I. Vetter and B. Hamilton and K. Sunagar and Vincent Lavergne and V. Dutertre and B. Fry and A. Antunes and D. J. Venter and P. Alewood and R. Lewis},
  journal={Nature Communications},
  • S. Dutertre, A. Jin, +9 authors R. Lewis
  • Published 2014
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature Communications
  • Venomous animals are thought to inject the same combination of toxins for both predation and defence, presumably exploiting conserved target pharmacology across prey and predators. Remarkably, cone snails can rapidly switch between distinct venoms in response to predatory or defensive stimuli. Here, we show that the defence-evoked venom of Conus geographus contains high levels of paralytic toxins that potently block neuromuscular receptors, consistent with its lethal effects on humans. In… CONTINUE READING
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