Evolution of self-organization in nano-structured PVD coatings under extreme tribological conditions

  title={Evolution of self-organization in nano-structured PVD coatings under extreme tribological conditions},
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Complex Behavior of Nano-Scale Tribo-Ceramic Films in Adaptive PVD Coatings under Extreme Tribological Conditions
Experimental investigations of nano-scale spatio-temporal effects that occur on the friction surface under extreme tribological stimuli, in combination with thermodynamic modeling of the self-organization process, demonstrate reduced friction which results in low cutting forces and wear values.
Surface/interface phenomena in nano‐multilayer coating under severing tribological conditions
An extensive study of surface/interface phenomena during wear of an adaptive TiAlCrSiYN/TiAlCrN nano‐multilayer coating deposited using physical vapor deposition was undertaken under increasingly
Improvement of Wear Performance of Nano-Multilayer PVD Coatings under Dry Hard End Milling Conditions Based on Their Architectural Development
The TiAlCrSiYN-based family of PVD (physical vapor deposition) hard coatings was specially designed for extreme conditions involving the dry ultra-performance machining of hardened tool steels.
Thin-Film PVD Coating Metamaterials Exhibiting Similarities to Natural Processes under Extreme Tribological Conditions
This paper discusses the surface-engineered nanomaterials (adaptive nano-structured physical vapor deposition (PVD) thin-film coatings) that can effectively perform under severely non-equilibrium
Spatio-temporal behaviour of atomic-scale tribo-ceramic films in adaptive surface engineered nano-materials
Under a highly complex structure and non-equilibrium state, the upcoming generation of adaptive surface engineered nano-multilayer materials behaves like intelligent systems - capable of generating, with unprecedented efficiency, the necessary tribo-films to endure an increasingly severe environment.
Effect of Interlayer Thickness on Nano-Multilayer Coating Performance during High Speed Dry Milling of H13 Tool Steel
The TiAlCrSiYN-based family of physical vapor deposition (PVD) coatings were systematically designed through the incorporation of TiAlCrN interlayer to increase coating adhesion and consequently the
Superhard CrN/MoN films with multilayer architecture
The main regularities of the formation of microstructure and properties of multilayer nanostructured CrN/MoN films with periodically changing architecture of layers were considered. The transition


Mechanism of adaptability for the nano-structured TiAlCrSiYN-based hard physical vapor deposition coatings under extreme frictional conditions
Recently, a family of hard mono- and multilayer TiAlCrSiYN-based coatings have been introduced that exhibit adaptive behavior under extreme tribological conditions (in particular during dry ultrahigh
Features of self-organization in ion modified nanocrystalline plasma vapor deposited AlTiN coatings under severe tribological conditions
Features of self-organization in the hard AlTiN plasma vapor deposited (PVD) coatings have been investigated under severe frictional conditions associated with high temperatures and stresses, which
Hierarchical adaptive nanostructured PVD coatings for extreme tribological applications: the quest for nonequilibrium states and emergent behavior
Major physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics of the adaptive coating, which play a significant role in its operating properties, such as enhanced mass transfer, and the ability of the layer to provide dissipation and accumulation of frictional energy during operation are presented.
Nanocrystalline coating design for extreme applications based on the concept of complex adaptive behavior
The development of effective hard coatings for high performance dry machining, which is associated with high stress/temperatures during friction, is a major challenge. Newly developed synergistically
Self-Organization during Friction in Complex Surface Engineered Tribosystems
It is shown that a higher number of interrelated processes within the system result in an increased probability of self-organization, which is confirmed by the investigation of the wear performance of a novel Ti0.1N (PVD) coating with complex nano-multilayered structure under extreme tribological conditions of dry high-speed end milling of hardened H13 tool steel.
Investigation of electronic and atomic structure of tribofilms on the surface of cutting tools with TiAlCrSiYN and multilayer TiAlCrSiYN/TiAlCrN coatings during machining of hardened steels
Nanostructured single‐layer TiAlCrSiYN and multilayer TiAlCrSiYN/TiAlCrN coatings were deposited by a hybrid physical vapor deposition (PVD) coater with a plasma‐enhanced type arc source. Yttrium was