Evolution of quantum computer algorithms from reversible operators

  title={Evolution of quantum computer algorithms from reversible operators},
  author={A. Surkan and A. Khuskivadze},
  journal={Proceedings 2002 NASA/DoD Conference on Evolvable Hardware},
An application of an evolutionary approach to hardware design is presented. A genetic algorithm was developed to discover good designs for quantum computer algorithms. The algorithms are expressed as quantum operator sequences applied in a circuit model. The circuits discovered are configurations of special purpose quantum computers. We have been exploring the evolution of algorithms as alternative configurations of hardware. By simulation it is established that the circuits will correctly… Expand
Evolving Hogg's Quantum Algorithm Using Linear-Tree GP
A Genetic Programming system based on linear-tree genome structures developed for the purpose of automatic quantum circuit design is introduced, resulting in evidently and "visibly" scalable quantum algorithms, which correspond to Hogg's quantum algorithm. Expand
Automatic Quantum Computer Programming: A Genetic Programming Approach (Genetic Programming)
The Power of Quantum Computing, Genetic and Evolutionary Computation, and Genetic Programming: Conclusions and Prospects. Expand
Using Reed-Muller Expansions in the Synthesis and Optimization of Boolean Quantum Circuits
The chapter shows that there is a direct correspondence between Boolean quantum operations and the classical Reed-Muller expansions, which makes it possible for the problem of synthesis and optimization of Boolean quantum circuits to be tackled within the domain of Reed-muller logic under manufacturing constraints. Expand
On Comparison of Some Representations for the Evolution of Quantum Operators
The main contribution is the utilisation of QR decomposition, a technique for generating unitary matrices from theoretically any sequence of complex numbers, that has been applied for the first time in this paper for the evolution of quantum operators. Expand
Exploring the search space of quantum programs
  • A. Leier, W. Banzhaf
  • Computer Science
  • The 2003 Congress on Evolutionary Computation, 2003. CEC '03.
  • 2003
The structure of mutation landscapes using autocorrelation characteristics and information measures is analyzed to obtain insights into the relationship between landscape characteristic and quantum circuit evolution with the aim to improve the efficiency of evolutionary search. Expand
Exploiting development to enhance the scalability of hardware evolution
This thesis demonstrates that development can enhance scalability in hardware evolution, primarily through a statistical comparison of hardware evolution's performance with and without development using circuit design problems of various sizes. Expand
Evolving Hardware