Evolution of placentally expressed cathepsins.

  title={Evolution of placentally expressed cathepsins.},
  author={Katia Sol-Church and Gina N Picerno and Deborah L. Stabley and Jennifer Frenck and Sixun Xing and Greg P Bertenshaw and Robert W. Mason},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={293 1},
Species and strain variants of a family of placentally expressed cathepsins (PECs) were cloned and sequenced in order to identify evolutionary conserved structural characteristics of this large family of cysteine proteases. Cathepsins M, P, Q, and R, are conserved in mice and rats but homologs of these genes are not found in human or rabbit placenta, showing that this family of proteases are probably restricted to rodents. Species-specific gene duplications have given rise to variants of… CONTINUE READING

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