Evolution of multi-enzyme complexes: the case of tryptophan synthase.

  title={Evolution of multi-enzyme complexes: the case of tryptophan synthase.},
  author={Sonja Leopoldseder and Stefan Hettwer and Reinhard Sterner},
  volume={45 47},
The prototypical tryptophan synthase is a stable heterotetrameric alpha-betabeta-alpha complex. The constituting TrpA and TrpB1 subunits, which are encoded by neighboring genes in the trp operon, activate each other in a bi-directional manner. Recently, a novel class of TrpB2 proteins has been identified, whose members contain additional amino acids that might sterically prevent complex formation with TrpA. To test this hypothesis, we characterized the TrpA and TrpB proteins from Sulfolobus… CONTINUE READING