Evolution of morphological traits in Verbenaceae.

  title={Evolution of morphological traits in Verbenaceae.},
  author={Nataly O'Leary and Carolina Isabel Calvi{\~n}o and Susana Gonz{\'a}lez Mart{\'i}nez and Pat Lu-Irving and Richard G. Olmstead and Mar{\'i}a Ema M{\'u}lgura},
  journal={American journal of botany},
  volume={99 11},
PREMISE OF THE STUDY A new infrafamilial circumscription of the Verbenaceae with eight tribes: Casselieae, Citharexyleae, Duranteae, Lantaneae, Neospartoneae, Petreeae, Priveae, and Verbeneae, has been recently proposed, on the basis of molecular phylogenetic studies. Two genera, Dipyrena and Rhaphithamnus, remain unplaced. The aim of this work is to reconstruct the evolutionary history of morphological characters traditionally employed in the classification of the Verbenaceae, with special… CONTINUE READING
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