Evolution of mammals and their gut microbes.

  title={Evolution of mammals and their gut microbes.},
  author={Ruth E. Ley and Micah Hamady and Catherine Lozupone and Peter J. Turnbaugh and Rob Roy Ramey and J Stephen Bircher and Michael L Schlegel and Tammy A. Tucker and Mark D. Schrenzel and Rob Knight and Jeffrey I. Gordon},
  volume={320 5883},
Mammals are metagenomic in that they are composed of not only their own gene complements but also those of all of their associated microbes. To understand the coevolution of the mammals and their indigenous microbial communities, we conducted a network-based analysis of bacterial 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequences from the fecal microbiota of humans and 59 other mammalian species living in two zoos and in the wild. The results indicate that host diet and phylogeny both influence bacterial… CONTINUE READING
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