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Evolution of entanglement entropy in strongly correlated bosons in an optical lattice

  title={Evolution of entanglement entropy in strongly correlated bosons in an optical lattice},
  author={Shion Yamashika and Daichi Kagamihara and Ryosuke Yoshii and Shunji Tsuchiya},
We study the time evolution of entanglement entropy of bosons in a one-dimensional optical lattice induced by a sudden quench of the hopping amplitude J . We consider the system being quenched into the deep Mott-insulating (MI) regime, i.e., J/U (cid:28) 1 ( U is the strength of the on-site repulsive interaction), from the product state with individual boson isolated in each lattice site. The low-energy excited states in this regime can be effectively described by fermionic quasiparticles known… 

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