Evolution of dental school clinics as patient care delivery centers.

  title={Evolution of dental school clinics as patient care delivery centers.},
  author={Allan J Formicola and R. Myers and John F Hasler and Melanie P. Peterson and William Dodge and Howard L. Bailit and Tryfon J. Beazoglou and Lisa A. Tedesco},
  journal={Journal of dental education},
  volume={72 2 Suppl},
Dental school clinics, originally envisioned as closely similar to private practice, evolved instead as teaching clinics. In the former, graduate and licensed dentists perform the treatment while undergraduate dental students are assigned treatment within their capabilities. In the latter, dental students provide the treatment under faculty supervision. It is generally recognized that the care provided by the teaching clinics is inefficient. However, in the last quarter of the twentieth century… CONTINUE READING