Evolution of cytokeratin expression in developing human tooth germ.


Cytokeratin expression by the developing human enamel organ between the 10th and the 23rd gestational week was studied by indirect immunofluorescence microscopy technique using a panel of 15 monoclonal antibodies. The results showed that five antibodies (RKSE 60, Kk 8-60, EE 21-6, 6B10 and 1 C-7) were never reactive, that five antibodies (RCK 102,, Ks 19 and Pan 1-8) were always positive and that five antibodies (KB 37, RPN 11-62, Ks 13.1, Ks 8-12 and Ks 18.174) obtained or increased their positivity between weeks 12 and 13. It was concluded that a switch in cytokeratin expression occurred around the 12th-13th weeks. No further important change could be noticed after this period. So it is suggested that final cell differentiation was initiated at weeks 12-13.

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