Evolution of coastal erosion in Palmarin (Senegal)

  title={Evolution of coastal erosion in Palmarin (Senegal)},
  author={{\'A}lvaro Enr{\'i}quez-de-Salamanca},
  journal={Journal of Coastal Conservation},
Coastal erosion is a major concern in Senegal, which is increasing over time. In the Palmarin peninsula, in the Saloum estuary, previous studies showed shoreline retreat rates of 1.20 m/yr in 1982 and 2.20 m in 1954–2002; our results show an increase to 2.45 m/yr in 2005–2010, 2.60 m/yr in 2010–2014 and 3.05 m/yr in 2014–2018. The main cause seems to be sea level rise, as there are not significant human factors. Short-term estimates show probable damages in two villages (Ngallou and Djiffer… 
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• Dakar is exposed to coastal erosion and flooding. These risks are expected to increase in the future due to climate change. • The areas most at risk of coastal flooding are the canal of Ngor, the



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