Evolution of Open Quantum Systems: Time Scales, Stochastic and Continuous Processes

  title={Evolution of Open Quantum Systems: Time Scales, Stochastic and Continuous Processes},
  author={Tarek Khalil and Jean Richert},
The study of the physical properties of open quantum systems is at the heart of many investigations, which aim to describe their dynamical evolution on theoretical ground and through physical realizations. Here, we develop a presentation of different aspects, which characterize these systems and confront different physical situations that can be realized leading to systems, which experience Markovian, non-Markovian, divisible or non-divisible interactions with the environments to which they are… 
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Pollock , César Rodŕıguez - Rozario , Thomas Frauenheim , Mauro Paternostro and Kavan Modi
  • Phys . Rev . Lett .
  • 2018