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Evolution of Networks (2G-5G)

  title={Evolution of Networks (2G-5G)},
  author={Jay R. Churi and T. S. Surendran and Shreyas Ajay Tigdi and S. Yewale},
Mobile and wireless networks have made tremendous growth in the last fifteen years. Today 3G mobile systems are on the ground providing IP connectivity for real-time and non-realtime services. Then, the concepts of 4G is already much discussed and it is almost certain that 4G will include several standards under a common umbrella, similarly to 3G, but with IEEE 802.xx wireless mobile networks included from the beginning. The main contribution of this paper is definition of 5G (Fifth Generation… Expand
Performance Prediction of 5G : The Next Generation of Mobile Communication
The functional requirements of 5G networks, their speed, and its traffic parameters for HD video services and massifs of M2M-devices are analyzed in the paper and will have been the most demandedones by 2020. Expand
Generation Networks and Technical Aspects of the Different Technologies
This paper represents the great evolution from 1G to 4G yield 5G and presents the Master Core as well as hardware/software for the 5G Master Core Technology. Expand
This paper is focused on the specification of future generations of wireless mobile communication networks. The paper throws light on the evolution and development of various generations of mobileExpand
The Survey on Evolution of Wireless Network Generations
A survey for the evolution of wireless network generations field is presented in order to give the features and limitation and face up to concern in every cellular generation and also give the improvements were performed to these issues which starts from the preceding generations along to the succeeding generations. Expand
Digital Society from 1G to 5G: A Comparative Study
Volume 3, Issue 2, February 2014 Page 186 Abstract Mobility management solutions were designed having in mind simpler scenarios and requirements from the network and where roaming could often beExpand
Software Quality Assurance in 5G Technology-Redefining Wireless Communication: A Comprehensive Survey
This research is the comprehensive survey on the quality parameters of 5G technology, which provides High performance, Interoperability, easy roaming, fully converged services, friendly interface and scalability at low cost. Expand
Survey of Evolution Analytical Report on Upgradation Technology from 1G to 5G
This paper manages the near investigation of remote cell innovations to be specific First Generation, Second Generation, Third Generation, Fourth Generation and Fifth Generation, which concentrates on all previous eras of versatile correspondence, individual correspondences frameworks, remote Internet and remote Web applications, and a great deal more. Expand
Survey on 6G Frontiers: Trends, Applications, Requirements, Technologies and Future Research
This paper highlights the societal and technological trends that initiate the drive towards 6G, the key enabling technologies in detail, and the requirements that are necessary to realize the 6G applications. Expand
Reliability Checking for Digital Modulation Schemes in 4G - 5G Communication system: Comparison between QPSK and QAM Modulation Techniques for Beyond LTE
In recent days, there have been a race among the communication systems in different schemes and generations. Day by day the data transmission rate is increasing and breaking the record of previousExpand
Consumer Strategies for Adoption of Performance Analysis of 4g Mobile Services
We use a preference test to determine the ability of consumers to pay for mobile services enhancements with an emphasis on changes to four-gyms and roaming networks. Increasing mobile Internet speedExpand


AAA system for PLMN-WLAN Internetworking
  • T. Janevski
  • Computer Science
  • Journal of Communications and Networks
  • 2005
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Challenges in the migration to 4G mobile systems
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Vertical handoffs in fourth-generation multinetwork environments
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QoS Provisioning in Wireless IP Networks Through Class-Based Flexible Fair Queuing via Admission Control Algorithm with QoS Support in Mobile IP Networks with Multiple Traffic Classes. Expand
An open baseband processing architecture for future mobile terminal design
  • Willie W. Lu
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Wireless Communications
  • 2008
A multilayer, open architecture platform to maximize system flexibility and minimize terminal power consumption, so as to provide an integrated and converged next-generation wireless and mobile communication terminal system. Expand