Evolution of Male-Killer Suppression in a Natural Population

  title={Evolution of Male-Killer Suppression in a Natural Population},
  author={Emily A. Hornett and Sylvain Charlat and Anne M. R Duplouy and Neil Davies and George K. Roderick and Nina Wedell and Gregory D D Hurst},
  journal={PLoS Biology},
  pages={488 - 507}
Male-killing bacteria are widespread in arthropods, and can profoundly alter the reproductive biology of their host species. Here we detail the first case of complete suppression of a male killer. The nymphalid butterfly Hypolimnas bolina is infected with a strain of the bacterium Wolbachia, wBol1, which kills male host embryos in Polynesian populations, but does not do so in many areas of Southeast Asia, where both males and female adults are naturally infected, and wBol1-infected females… CONTINUE READING
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