Evolution of Lycopodiaceae Inferred from Spacer Sequencing of Chloroplast rRNA Genes

  title={Evolution of Lycopodiaceae Inferred from Spacer Sequencing of Chloroplast rRNA Genes},
  author={S. P. Yatsentyuk and K. M. Valiejo-Roman and T. Samigullin and N. Wilkstr{\"o}m and A. V. Troitsky},
  journal={Russian Journal of Genetics},
  • S. P. Yatsentyuk, K. M. Valiejo-Roman, +2 authors A. V. Troitsky
  • Published 2004
  • Biology
  • Russian Journal of Genetics
  • Nucleotide sequences of a chloroplast rDNA region including 8 bp from the 3" end of 23S rDNA–ITS2–4.5S rDNA–ITS3–5S rDNA–ITS4 (approximately 800 bp) were determined in 25 species of Lycopodiaceae and two species of the genus Isoetes. The rate of molecular evolution of spacers significantly varied in different Lycopsida taxa. A phylogenetic analysis by the neighbor-joining (NJ) method revealed that the family Lycopodiaceae is monophyletic. The topology of phylogenetic trees suggests the… CONTINUE READING
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