Evolution of Heavy-Duty Power Generation and Industrial Combustion Turbines in the United States

  title={Evolution of Heavy-Duty Power Generation and Industrial Combustion Turbines in the United States},
  author={A. J. Scalzo and Ronald L. Bannister and Mario Decorso and Glen S. Howard},
This paper reviews the evolution of heavy-duty power generation and industrial combustion turbines in the United States from a Westinghouse Electric Corporation perspective. Westinghouse combustion turbine genealogy began in March of 1943 when the first wholly American designed and manufactured jet engine went on test in Philadelphia, and continues today in Orlando, Florida with the 160 MW, 501F Advanced Combustion Turbine. In this paper, advances in thermodynamics, materials, cooling, and unit… 

Hydrogen-Fueled Combustion Turbine Cycles

As part of its World Energy Network (WE-NET) Program, the Japanese New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) is funding a Westinghouse-led team to develop conceptual

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Gas turbines have been used in wide ranging applications since their world’s first use in aviation and power generation in the jet engine powered flight of Heinkel aircraft (model He-178) and Brown

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The variety of applications in which small industrial gas turbines are used requires that they be readily capable of integration into cogeneration schemes and combined gas/steam cycles as well as

Technology Development Programs for the Advanced Turbine Systems Engine

This paper describes the technologies that are being developed or extended beyond the current state-of-the-art to achieve Advanced Turbine Systems (ATS) Program goals. The Westinghouse ATS plant is

A combined cycle designed to achieve greater than 60 percent efficiency

In cooperation with the US Department of Energy`s Morgantown Energy Technology Center, Westinghouse is working on Phase 2 of an 8-year Advanced Turbine Systems Program to develop the technologies

The 501D5A Combustion Turbine

Westinghouse is now offering its latest upgrade of the 501D5 family of combustion turbines. This upgrade engine, designated 501D5A, is based on recent technical advancements successfully incorporated

Overview of Westinghouse`s Advanced Turbine Systems Program

The proposed approach is to build on Westinghouse`s successful 501 series of gas turbines. The 501F offered a combined cycle efficiency of 54%; 501G increased this efficiency to 58%; the proposed

Technical review of Westinghouse`s Advanced Turbine Systems Program

US DOE`s ATS program has the goals of increased efficiency of natural gas-fired power generation plants, decreased cost of electricity, and a decrease in harmful emissions. The Westinghouse ATS plant



A New 150-MW High-Efficiency Heavy-Duty Combustion Turbine

The 501F 60-Hz combustion turbine has been developed. It continues a long line of large heavy-duty single-shaft combustion turbines by combining the proven efficient and reliable concepts of the

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Full scale laboratory tests were performed by the Combustion Turbine Systems Division of the Westinghouse Electric Corporation to explore the feasibility of using catalytic burners in industrial

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The United States electric industry is entering a period where growth and the aging of existing plants will mandate a decision on whether to repower, add capacity, or do both. The power generation

Fuel Effects in Recent Combustion Turbine Burner Tests of Six Coal Liquids

Comparative tests have been made in combustion turbine burners between six coal derived liquid (CDL) fuels and No. 2 distillate oil. All CDL fuels were evaluated in a half-scale (by diameter)

Utility Combustion Turbine Evaluation of Coal Liquid Fuels

A comprehensive field test was performed to evaluate the suitability of H-Coal middle distillate and full-range Exxon Donor Solvent (EDS) coal derived liquids (CDLs) as utility combustion turbine

Operating Experience Complements New Technology in Design of Advanced Combustion Turbine

High reliability and availability of current production combustion turbines have been achieved only after the identification and the resolution of past operating anomilies. Technological advances in

Solution of Combustor Noise in a Coal Gasification Cogeneration Application of 100-MW-Class Combustion Turbines

The field conversion of two W501D4 combustion turbines to burn medium Btu fuel gas supplied by a coal gasification process at Plaquemine, LA resulted in excessive 105-Hz airborne sound and a

Investigating Combustion Turbine Burner Performance With Coal Derived Liquids Having High Fuel Bound Nitrogen

The Electric Power Research Institute is conducting a program to develop combustion turbine burners for high-bound nitrogen, highly aromatic, low hydrogen/carbon ratio coal derived liquids. The

Development of a Dry Low NOx Combustor for a 120-MW Gas Turbine

Two stage premixed combustor with variable geometry has been developed to meet stringent NOx goals in Japan without the use of water or steam injection. This combustion system is planned to be

Development Requirements for an Advanced Gas Turbine System

In cooperation with US Department of Energy`s Morgantown Energy Technology Center, a Westinghouse-led team is working on the second part of an 8-year, Advanced Turbine Systems Program to develop the