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Evolution des connaissances et innovation - Application à une technologie laser à l'Onera

  title={Evolution des connaissances et innovation - Application {\`a} une technologie laser {\`a} l'Onera},
  author={Philippe Benhamou and Jean-Louis Ermine and Jean-Pierre Taran and Thierno Tounkara and Arnaud Waeters},
  booktitle={European Grid Conference},
In this paper, we propose a method to model evolution processes of Knowledge in an organisation. We set the concepts of the methodology and describe the evolution models that will complete the historic point of view of MKSM systemic approach. Our goal is to make mechanisms that lead to innovative solutions more understandable and to study their possible influence for present and future. We also present an application of our methodology in this article. It concerns a measuring technology… 

Gestion des connaissances et veille : vers un guide méthodologique pour améliorer la collecte d'informations

The presentation of this argumentation model which is based on the extension of the Logic Programming without Negation as Failure framework, the integration of the concepts of roles and context to it as well as its use to model personalities.

Knowledge management and history

Capitalisation of the history of a technology, a technique or a concept within an industrial company is relevant to historians. However it largely exceeds the historical problems from a Knowledge

Creativity and knowledge management

Purpose – Innovation within companies is becoming mandatory and vital. A policy of voluntarism aiming at supporting innovation can be based on an operational process managing the evolution of the

A Methodology for Building Knowledge Memory Within the Handicraft Sector

TheMoroccan handicraftsﻷ is threatened by the loss of knowledge and the need for vigilance, says KeyWoRdS Cultural Heritage.

Histoire et ingénierie des connaissances

La capitalisation de l'histoire d'une technologie, d'une technique ou d'un concept au sein d'une organisation industrielle est a priori du ressort des historiens. Cependant elle depasse largement la

enierie des connaissances pour l'analyse et la structuration des connaissances

L'ensemble des connaissances d'une organisation est une veritable richesse qu'il convient de gerer au mieux. Il est souvent interessant de rendre cette richesse tangible en terme d'informations,

The Management of Inventive Knowledge

  • Systemic Innovation
  • 2020