Evolution and prognosis of necrotic primary teeth after pulpectomy.

  title={Evolution and prognosis of necrotic primary teeth after pulpectomy.},
  author={Asunci{\'o}n Mendoza Mendoza and J Enrique Solano Reina and Franklin Garc{\'i}a-Godoy},
  journal={American journal of dentistry},
  volume={23 5},
PURPOSE To study the evolution of 308 necrotic primary teeth after pulpectomy technique with resorbable paste (Kri-1 + calcium hydroxide + metacresol-formaldehyde) after 30 months. METHODS 134 children between 2-9 years were included, among which they had 348 pulpectomized teeth. Out of these 348 teeth, 308 had necrotic pulp and were included in the study. The filling material consisted of a paste based on Walkhoff's master formula and consisted of the combination of Kri-1a (80.8% iodoform, 2… CONTINUE READING