Evolution and Characteristics of Planning at an Enterprise in Russia


The article focuses on the necessity of processes of planning at an enterprise in modern conditions. The evolution of planning in Russia is analyzed; the stages of planning development are characterized. The methodology of planning has undergone a certain evolution an evolution from plan development based on the traditions and customs to complex techniques and technologies, including the use of computers, designed for application at enterprises of any scale and sector of the economy. A comparative analysis of the use of different types of planning in the Soviet period of economic management, amid the market competitive conditions in Russia and abroad. It is found that in the Soviet period many methods of planning were developed, but the methodology is unacceptable for enterprises with relative financial and economic autonomy, when there is a need for a flexible market handling under the conditions of the increasingly competitive and variable environment. At the same time it is impossible to ignore the positive experience accumulated in the Soviet years. It is necessary to integrate Soviet and foreign methods, adapted to Russian conditions. Peculiarities of planning in Russia in modern conditions as well as their similarities and differences with other countries are determined.

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