Evolution Of Hinduism In Medieval Bengali Literature: Siva, Candi, Manas A

  title={Evolution Of Hinduism In Medieval Bengali Literature: Siva, Candi, Manas A},
  author={T. W. Clark},
  journal={Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies},
  pages={503 - 518}
  • T. Clark
  • Published 1 October 1955
  • Geology
  • Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies
WHEN the geographical term ‘Bengal’ is used in any study of the old or medieval period of the literary history of the area, it must be borne in mind that it has so far been impossible to delineate its then boundaries with precision. Such early cartographical evidence2 as there is, suggests that it is improbable that the topography of Bengal resembled very closely that which is now familiar in our modern maps. The great rivers, which are the most distinctive characteristic of the formation of… 

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In all of the South Asian subcontinent, Bengal was the region most receptive to the Islamic faith. This area today is home to the world's second-largest Muslim ethnic population. How and why did such

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A History of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a new name for an old land whose history is little known to the wider world. A country chiefly famous in the West for media images of poverty, underdevelopment, and natural disasters,

Shankh-er Shongshar, Afterlife Everyday: Religious Experience of the Evening Conch and Goddesses in Bengali Hindu Homes

This essay brings together critical archetypes of Bengali Hindu home-experience: the sound of the evening shankh (conch), the goddess Lakshmi, and the female snake-deity, Manasa. It analyzes the

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This paper will examine the relativity of contexts produced through diverse mechanisms for interaction by using the example of the picture storytellers of Bengal (Chitrakaras) and their narrative


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