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Evolution : a theory in crisis ? a review

  title={Evolution : a theory in crisis ? a review},
  author={Gert Korthof},
This review consists of a summary, criticism and conclusion of this now classic book. At first the title of this book withheld me from buying it. Crisis? I studied biology and specialised in genetics and evolution, but I never heard of a crisis in Darwinism. Yes, I noticed problems and controversies, the theory was incomplete, but crisis? Now I've got the book from a friend (1) and I read it. Criticism of the fundamentals of Darwinism was not part of my biological training. But once I had gone… 


Gene trees and the origins of inbred strains of mice.
The gene tree based on protein loci provides an accurate picture of the genealogyical relationships among strains; however, gene trees based upon immune and viral data show significant deviations from known genealogical affinities.
Against Method, third impr
  • 1976
two biologists refute Denton's typological theory: Matthew J
  • Brauer and Daniel R. Brumbaugh: Biology Remystified: The Scientific Claims of the New Creationists, p308314 of Pennock(2002) Intelligent Design Creationism and its Critics. Links: ● review of Denton's Nature's Destiny (1998) on this site. ● Discussion of several of Denton's claims by Douglas Theobal
  • 2003
Natural Theology, in: Philosophy of Biology,1998, edited by Michael Ruse, pp36-40
  • See also Richard Lenski(2001): "Twice as natural", concepts, Nature,
  • 2001