Evolution , taxonomy and ecology of the genus Thelebolus in Antarctica

  title={Evolution , taxonomy and ecology of the genus Thelebolus in Antarctica},
  author={G. Sybren de Hoog and Elke G{\"o}ttlich and Gonzalo Platas and Olga Genilloud and Gerardo A Leotta and J. van Brummelen},
An investigation of the biodiversity of some Antarctic lakes revealed that Thelebolus microsporus was one of the preponderant species. The genus Thelebolus is known to combine psychrophily with growth on dung and guano, suggesting that strains in lake biomats have originated from bird vectors. A natural association with skuas, petrels and other birds was confirmed by an analysis of bird cadavers, which showed frequent intestinal colonisation by T. microsporus. Strains did not produce conidia… CONTINUE READING


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