Evolution, mutations, and human longevity: European royal and noble families.

  title={Evolution, mutations, and human longevity: European royal and noble families.},
  author={Natalia S. Gavrilova and L A Gavrilov and Galina N. Evdokushkina and Victoria G. Semyonova and Anna L Gavrilova and N N Evdokushkina and Yu. E. Kushnareva and V N Kroutko and Andreyev AYu},
  journal={Human biology},
  volume={70 4},
The evolutionary theory of aging predicts that the equilibrium gene frequency for deleterious mutations should increase with age at onset of mutation action because of weaker (postponed) selection against later-acting mutations. According to this mutation accumulation hypothesis, one would expect the genetic variability for survival (additive genetic variance) to increase with age. The ratio of additive genetic variance to the observed phenotypic variance (the heritability of longevity) can be… CONTINUE READING

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