Evolucion de niños post-trasplante hepático luego del primer año de sobrevida

  title={Evolucion de ni{\~n}os post-trasplante hep{\'a}tico luego del primer a{\~n}o de sobrevida},
  author={Miriam Liliana Cuarterolo and Mirta E Ciocca and Susana Gonz{\'a}lez L{\'o}pez and Guillermo Cervio and Luis Carlos Guti{\'e}rrez Rojas and Gustavo A. Bianco and Ana Mar{\'i}a Speranza and Jorge Salvador Sasbon and Mar{\'i}a T.G. de D{\'a}vila and Horacio Questa and Jos{\'e} E Lipsich and David Francisco Bes and C{\`e}sar Fern{\'a}ndez and Marcelo Dip and Victor Ayarzabal and Cristina Tau and Elisa Vaiani and Mariana del Pino and Mat{\'i}as M. Oleastro and Norma D Fern{\'a}ndez Delgado and Virginia Delfino and Enrique Bravo and Eduviges Norton and Oscar Imventarza},
Orthotopic liver transplantation is the only definitive mode of therapy for children with end-stage liver disease. However, it remains challenging because of the necessity to prevent long-term complications. The aim of this study was to analyze the evolution of transplanted patients with more than one year of follow up. Between November 1992 and November 2001, 238 patients underwent 264 liver transplantations. A total of 143 patients with more than one year of follow up were included. The… CONTINUE READING