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Evolución y uso de la madera del género Quercus en Andalucía desde el Paleolítico hasta Época Romana a partir de estudios antracológicos

  title={Evoluci{\'o}n y uso de la madera del g{\'e}nero Quercus en Andaluc{\'i}a desde el Paleol{\'i}tico hasta {\'E}poca Romana a partir de estudios antracol{\'o}gicos},
  author={Laura Vico-Triguero},
  • Laura Vico-Triguero
  • Published 2014
  • Art
  • In this research work, it has been made an inspection of anthracological researches which have been taken in 31 archaeological sites. On the basis of the results obtained, we can say that the genus Quercus presence (mainly Holm oak, Kermes oak, cork oak and gall-oak) are present in a continue manner from the Paleolithic to the Roman age. The biggest concentration of this genus can be found at the sites placed in the Mediterranean vegetation floor, although his easy adaptation for any… CONTINUE READING

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