• Geography
  • Published 2016

Evolución de la estructura científica de México: una visión desde los campos temáticos de la Web of Science

  title={Evoluci{\'o}n de la estructura cient{\'i}fica de M{\'e}xico: una visi{\'o}n desde los campos tem{\'a}ticos de la Web of Science},
  author={Alejandro Arnulfo Ruiz-Le{\'o}n and Jane Margaret Russell Barnard},
Mexico´s scientific system is studied from a disciplinary fields point of view based on a dynamic co classification network analysis. Web of Science categories of the Mexico’s production from 1900 to 2015 were used to construct networks for the 23 WoS fields. VOS was used to define the structure of the networks. Clinical Medicine and Engineering are the central fields of the Mexico’s scientific system. Three mayor periods were identified in the Mexico´s scientific development related with… CONTINUE READING