Evola's interpretation of fascism and moral responsibility

  title={Evola's interpretation of fascism and moral responsibility},
  author={Elisabetta Cassina Wolff},
  journal={Patterns of Prejudice},
  pages={478 - 494}
ABSTRACT The ideological influence that several right-wing radical thinkers exercised on the Norwegian ‘lone wolf’ terrorist Anders Behring Breivik raises the question of how far a writer can be held responsible for acts of terrorism s/he may have influenced. Italian history provides a vital lesson in this respect: namely, the role played by the Italian traditionalist Julius Evola in the crucial passage from Fascism to neo-fascism. After reviewing Evola's ideological development, Wolff then… Expand
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    Evola was arrested for the 'crime of opinion (reato di opinione)' under the so-called Scelba Law of