Evoked otoacoustic emissions in newborn hearing screening.

  title={Evoked otoacoustic emissions in newborn hearing screening.},
  author={Pierre Bonfils and Alexandre Dumont and Pierre-Yves Marie and Martine François and Philippe Narcy},
  journal={The Laryngoscope},
  volume={100 2 Pt 1},
Evoked otoacoustic emissions (EOEs) were recorded in a group of normally hearing neonates (n = 100 ears) to study the basic properties of EOEs and the parameters influencing them. The results obtained with EOE recordings were compared with those of behavioral screening investigations. The main properties of EOEs in neonates are: 1. EOEs can be recorded in 98% of the tested ears or neonates; 2. there were no statistically significant variations in EOE detection thresholds of neonates between the… CONTINUE READING