Evoked gamma oscillations in human scalp EEG are test-retest reliable.

  title={Evoked gamma oscillations in human scalp EEG are test-retest reliable.},
  author={Ingo Fr{\"u}nd and Jeanette Schadow and Niko A. Busch and Ursula K{\"o}rner and Christoph Siegfried Herrmann},
  journal={Clinical neurophysiology : official journal of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology},
  volume={118 1},
OBJECTIVE Evoked, phase-locked gamma oscillations of the electroencephalogram (EEG) have been demonstrated to be modulated by both bottom-up as well as top-down factors. However, to date the test-retest reliability of these oscillations has not been studied systematically. METHODS We recorded EEG activity of 12 healthy volunteers in response to stimuli of different sizes. Each participant took part in two sessions separated by two weeks in time. To obtain an estimate of the reliability of… CONTINUE READING

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