Evoked cerebral potential correlates of C-fibre activity in man.

  title={Evoked cerebral potential correlates of C-fibre activity in man.},
  author={Burkhart Bromm and Heidemarie Neitzel and A C Tecklenburg and R. D. Treede},
  journal={Neuroscience letters},
  volume={43 1},
CO2 laser emitted radiant heat pulses of 20 ms duration were used to activate predominantly slowly conducting nociceptive cutaneous afferents in man. Stimuli of two-fold individual pain threshold caused stinging and burning pain and elicited cerebral potentials with latencies consistent with A delta-fibre activity. After preferential block of the myelinated nerve fibres by pressure only the burning pain remained with significantly increased reaction time (about 1433 ms). The A delta-fibre… CONTINUE READING

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