Evoked-Potential Correlates of Stimulus Uncertainty

  title={Evoked-Potential Correlates of Stimulus Uncertainty},
  author={Samuel Sutton and Margery Braren and Joseph Zubin and E. Roy John},
  pages={1187 - 1188}
The average evoked-potential waveforms to sound and light stimuli recorded from scalp in awake human subjects show differences as a function of the subject's degree of uncertainty with respect to the sensory modality of the stimulus to be presented. Differences are also found in the evoked potential as a function of whether or not the sensorymodality of the stimulus was anticipated correctly. The major waveform alteration is in the amplitude of a positive-going component which reaches peak… 

Information Delivery and the Sensory Evoked Potential

The waveform of evoked responses recorded from human scalp is not determined solely by the physical eliciting stimulus, but also varies as a function of the effective information provided by the

Evoked Potential Correlates of Auditory Signal Detection

A long-latency comnponent of the averaged evoked potential recorded from the human scalp varied in close relationship with subjects' perceptual reports in an auditory signal detection task. Detected

Knowledge of stimulus timing attenuates human evoked cortical potentials.

Cerebral evoked potential correlates in forced-paced tasks.

The evoked potential correlates of sensory overload in forced-paced auditory tasks are examined and it is found that the cerebral “decision” potential can reveal intermittency in the perceptual channel.

Evoked Potential Correlates of Expected Stimulus Intensity

The electrophysiological responses to a flash of medium intensity have different wave shapes in trials in which the occurrence of bright stimuli or dim stimuli is expected. When a bright or dim

Self-Stimulation Alters Human Sensory Brain Responses

Human electrocortical potentials evoked by self-administered auditory and visual stimuli manifest much smaller amplitude and faster poststimulus timing than do average brain responses evoked by

The Endogenous Evoked Potentials

This paper reviews some “endogenous” potentials that can be recorded from the human scalp in relation to the processing of sensory stimuli into behavioral responses. Twenty years ago, Sutton et al.



Attention, Vigilance, and Cortical Evoked-Potentials in Humans

Computer-averaged potentials evoked from the cortex were recorded to nonsignal stimuli and to randomly interspersed signal stimuli requiring detection and response during prolonged visual vigilance.

Enhancement of Evoked Cortical Potentials in Humans Related to a Task Requiring a Decision

The averaged, slow response evoked by auditory stimuli and recorded from the vertex of the human skull can usually be enhanced by requiring the listener to make a rather difficult auditory


Miss Paula Adams, and Miss Hansook Ahn for other assistance; and Dr. N. Beckenstein, Diq rector of Brooklyn State Hospital