Evidence that the MYCN oncogene regulates MRP gene expression in neuroblastoma.

  title={Evidence that the MYCN oncogene regulates MRP gene expression in neuroblastoma.},
  author={Murray D. Norris and Sharon B Bordow and Paul S Haber and Glenn M. Marshall and Maria Kavallaris and Janice Madafiglio and Susan L Cohn and Helen R. Salwen and Mary Lou Schmidt and David R Hipfner and Susan P. C. Cole and R. G. Deeley and Michelle Haber},
  journal={European journal of cancer},
  volume={33 12},
We have recently shown that expression of the multidrug resistance-associated protein (MRP) gene is a powerful prognostic indicator in childhood neuroblastoma and have suggested that the MYCN oncogene may regulate MRP gene expression. To address this hypothesis, we have examined the relationship between MYCN and MRP gene expression in neuroblastoma tumours and cell lines. MYCN and MRP gene expression were highly correlated in 60 primary untreated tumours both with (P = 0.01) and without MYCN… CONTINUE READING

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